WiiRd codes to be used on Gamecube, Wii, or Dolphin Emulator to help practice Shadow the Hedgehog.

Currently maintained by BlazinZzetti.


Latest Release (GitHub)

What does it do?

  • Lives are set to 99 lives
  • All songs for sound test are unlocked (used for cheat settings)
  • The score is set to the true value of the Dark or Hero Meter
  • Scores set to 0 and time is set to 99:59.99 to prevent personal best times and scores from being overwritten on accident.
  • Allows manipulation of Chaos Meters to activate or deactivate Chaos Powers.
  • Displays the Meter's true value in the score display underneath it. (Currently overwrites the point score, will try to fix in a future release.)
  • Enter a stage's Expert Mode through stage select.
  • Enter The Last Way (Normal or Expert) through Stage Select.


Z + R = Fill Hero Meter

Z + L = Fill Dark Meter

Z + L + R = Empty Both Meters

Z + DPad Up = Enter Stage's Expert Mode from Stage Select

Z + DPad Down = Enter The Last Way (Select Final Haunt or it will crash)

Z + DPad Right = Enter The Last Way Expert (Select Final Haunt or it will crash)

The following are activated when you are in the option menu and the selection for the sound test is selecting the noted song.

Cheat activated when pressing Z + L Song currently highlighted
Unlock Last Story I Am
Unlock Expert Mode Almost Dead
All Cutscene Viewed Waking Up
All Stages and Bosses Selectable Chosen One
Unlock All Special Weapons All Hail Shadow
Unlock All Keys Never Turn Back
No Special Weapons Westopolis
No Keys Digital Circuit
Remove Shadow Rifle Glyphic Canyon
Remove Samurai Blade Lethal Highway
Remove Satellite Laser Black Bull
Remove Vacuum Egg Cryptic Castle
Remove Omochao Gun Prison Island
Remove Heal Cannon Circus Park
Set Samurai Blade to LV 1 Egg Breaker
Set Satellite Laser to LV 1 Central City
Set Vacuum Egg to LV 1 The Doom
Set Omochao Gun to LV 1 Sky Troops
Set Heal Cannon to LV 1 Mad Matrix
Set Samurai Blade to LV 2 Death Ruins
Set Satellite Laser to LV 2 Heavy Dog
Set Vacuum Egg to LV 2 The ARK
Set Omochao Gun to LV 2 Air Fleet
Set Heal Cannon to LV 2 Iron Jungle

How to use

  1. Download the latest release .zip of ShadowPractice.
  2. Open the folder for the region you want to play.
  3. Follow the directions below depending on how you want to play.

Swiss (GC or Wii)

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If you don't already know how to use Swiss, read the main page here:

Copy the .txt to the cheats folder on your SD Card. Copy the .txt to the cheats folder on your SD Card.

Nintendont (Wii Homebrew)

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If your Wii is not set up for Homebrew, you can read this page to get started:

If you don't already know how to use Nintendont, read this link for more info:

Copy the .gct file to the codes folder on your SD Card.


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Open the DolphinFormattedCodes.txt

Method 1: Add in Dolphin
  1. Within Dolphin, Access the game properties and navigate the the Gecko Codes tab.
  2. Press the "Add New Code..." button.
  3. Fill out the provide prompt as:
    • Name: Practice Codes
    • Creator: BlazinZzetti or Zzetti
    • Code: Copy paste code from DolphinFormattedCodes.txt excluding top line.
Method 2: Modify game .ini file
  1. Find the GameSettings folder (Documents\Dolphin Emulator\GameSettings).
  2. Use a notepad application to open either GUPE8P.ini (ENG) or GUPJ8P.ini (JPN)
    • if the file doesnt exist, use Method 1.
  3. Paste the contents of DolphinFormattedCodes.txt underneath '[Gecko]'
  4. To enable without using the Dolphin GUI, add the following underneath the code. ~~~text * [Gecko_Enabled] $Practice Codes ~~~