Next Stages in Story

Dark Normal Hero
Digital Circuit Glyphic Canyon Lethal Highway

Mission Objectives

Dark Normal Hero Expert
Defeat 35 GUN Troops Get to the Goal Ring Defeat 45 Black Arms Get to the Goal Ring

Key Locations

Key 1 Key 2 Key 3 Key 4 Key 5

City Dive Section 1

<Picture of Shadow Diving>

During a Story Run. Slowly decend to the dash ramp to progress to the next area. Your movement options are limited due to being in a skydiving like state where you can only move horizontally while falling.

<Picture of Shadow next to Expert Helicopter>

In Expert Mode, there is a Helicopter you can bump into which will cause damage. However, after you do so, you exit the skydiving state and are allowed to do more actions. One of these actions is the ability to use the light dash on the vertical ring paths. Doing so can allow you to get to the bottom of the section faster. Note, the the light dash works both ways, so you will need to be careful in your positioning to ensure a downwards light dash.

<Picture of Shadow next to Dash Ramp>

Once you reach the bottom you simple use the dash ramp to progress to the next area. If you used the light dash to get here faster, be mindful that the building just after the dash ramp needs a bit more time to finishing animating out to the way. Using the dash ramp too early, will result in a death after running into the building.

Intro to First Emerald

<Show Shadow on Checkpoint 1>

Black Arm Units in this Section

Unit # Available
Black Wing 5
Black Warrior 2

GUN Units in this Section

Unit # Available
GUN Soldier 5

Weapons Available in this Section

Weapon # Available Notes
Pistol 5 Get from a GUN Soldier

Here you will find the first checkpoint and just beyond it is a single GUN Soldier and a Black Wing. A laser will come down and murder the GUN Soldier if you stay in the area long enough. You can also quickly kill the Black Wing by jumping near the end of the road.

<Picture of Shadow next to Spin Dash Spot>

Sonic is just past the road blocks to greet you and to the right is a section of buildings that will soon be destroyed by another laser. To get fast hero points, you can charge a spin dash just in front of the buildings and launch just after laser finishes firing. Doing so will net you 6000 Hero Meter Points.

It is recommended to do this for Normal or Dark Mission Speedruns, but not for Hero as it is slightly slower than going forwards and is not neccessary for gathering Hero Points for Chaos Control consider the extra points you will get by defeating Black Arms Units normally skipped in the other missions.

<Picture of Shadow next to First Black Warrior>

After progressing a bit further down the road, you will come across a GUN Soldier and 3 Black Arms units. This is a common place to pickup your first gun, a pistol, by attacking the GUN Soldier to make him drop it. You can use this to quickly kill the 3 Black Arms Units. Note: If you stay behind the roadblocks the Black Arms cannot reach you and will not be able to attack you.

<Picture of Shadow next to First Black Warrior, but Expert>

In Expert Mode, there will be an extra GUN Soldier with a shield and an SMG. The SMG is nice to grab here as the one we would grab later on in Story Mode is not there.

Just after on the downwards turn is a single Black Wing which can be quickly killed with a well timed shot.

<Picture of Shadow approaching Emerald Cage>

There's a few ways to handle this next section. If going for a Hero or Normal Mission, you will want to kill the Black Warrior which will then unlock the Emerald Cage. After the Emerald is aquired, the cage for the spring pad will open allowing you into the next section.

If going for the Dark Mission, you will need to slow down a bit to ensure the 3 GUN Soldiers are defeated. You will also need to defeat the Black Warrior to get up to the next section, but if you are fast enough and the GUN Soldier furthest back is in a good position. You can perform a Spin Dash High Jump off of the fallen soldier to skip needing to open the spring pad cage.

Doom's Eye to Checkpoint 2

<Show Shadow in front of Doom's Eye>

Black Arm Units in this Section

Unit # Available
Black Wing 11
Black Warrior 6

GUN Units in this Section

Unit # Available
GUN Soldier 5

Weapons Available in this Section

Weapon # Available Notes
Pistol 4 In Box or Get from a GUN Soldier
SMG 4 In Box or Get from a GUN Soldier
Light Shot 2 Get from Black Warrior

After meeting Doom's Eye for the Dark Mission objective, you will see 2 GUN Soldiers and a 2 Black Wings. These Black Wings are easy points for the Normal Mission and neccessary for the Hero Mission. The 2 GUN Soldiers can be avoided unless you are completing the Dark Mission.

<Show Shadow in front of Dark Orb>

To the far left side, there are some buildings that will be struct by a laser. If you go destory the building next to it manually, it will reveal a Dark Aura Orb which will max out your Dark Meter.

<Show Shadow approaching barrier>

Near the back before the barrier that soon be destroyed by a laser, there are 2 more Black Wings which can be avoided if not completing the Hero Mission, but can provide extra Hero points if you missed out on the Flames in the beginning of the level.

More often than not, you will want to break the gun box to grab the SMG for more ammo and automatic firing.

You can either wait for the laser to destory the barrier to continue on, or use a gun to destory it and continue through before the laser lands.

<Show Shadow just after the barrier>

After the barrier is a handful of Black Arms units, most of which are neccessary to kill to have enough Hero points for Chaos Control. At the top of the slope, there is another GUN Soldier you can defeat to refill on SMG ammo.

<Show Shadow just after the SMG refill>

At this point, for the Normal Mission, you can look at your score to get a good idea on how many Black Arms unit you need to kill to get the right about of Chaos Control at the right time.

Details on which enemies give which points can be found on this page: Health, Points, and Other Values for Routing

<Show Shadow just after turn>

A few more Black Arms units here. You will need to kill some or all of them depending on the Mission and when you want Chaos Control.

Key 1

The first key in the level is just before the Dash Ramp to the second checkpoint. Turn the camera to look down the right side and it will be in plain view.

Checkpoint 2 to Checkpoint 3

<Show Shadow on Checkpoint 2>

Black Arm Units in this Section

Unit # Available
Black Wing x
Black Warrior x

GUN Units in this Section

Unit # Available
GUN Soldier x
GUN Beetle x

Weapons Available in this Section

Weapon # Available Notes
Pistol x In Box or Get from a GUN Soldier
SMG x In Box or Get from a GUN Soldier
Light Shot x Get from Black Warrior

This checkpoint is the one you will be using Chaos Control Glitch (CCG) on to complete the Normal Mission if allowed. You can use the boxes near by to top of the Hero Meter and activate Hero Shadow if you are just shy of having enough points.

Key 2

Near the end above the triangle jump section, the 2nd key is waiting to be picked up.

Key 3

Right before the downwards slope to the 3rd checkpoint. You can jump to begin homing attacking the GUN Beetles which will put you on the platform which is holding the 3rd key.

Key 4

To the left of the 3rd checkpoint there is a caged room which a few dumpsters. You can slide or spin dash under the gate to enter the room. The middle dumpster is hiding the 4th key. Simply destory the dumpster to allow access to it.

Shadow Boxes

Box 1
Default Weapon Flash Shot

Key 5

The final key is located in the beginning of the second city dive section in the bottom right of the screen. The Helicopter is patrolling the area and if you enter too soon, it will block access to the key. Waiting a few seconds before using the Dash Ramp or having Invincibity powers will make getting this key possible.

Expert Mode Differences


Missing SMG box after Doom Eye before wall.

Before Second Checkpoint there is no longer a ramp. A triangle jump or Spin Dash Jump is required to get to the ring path that get you to the second checkpoint.

Platforming for the second checkpoint area is different.

Extra Black Warrior at the bus after checkpoint 3

No ring dash downhill to the first shadow box

Section after 4th checkpoint is different. Behind the bus that is not normally is there is a second shadow box that is also not normally there.

Notes of Interest