Game Build Differences

When a game is released and when a game is built are two different things.

The game release dates per region came from

These build dates came from

Region Release Dates

Region Release Date
NA November 14, 2005
PAL / EU November 18, 2005
JP December 15, 2005

Game Build Dates

Version Build Date
GameCube (US) Oct 10 2005 23:48:24
PlayStation 2 (US) Oct 12 2005 14:56:41
PlayStation 2 (EU) Oct 16 2005 12:09:34
PlayStation 2 (JP) Oct 16 2005 12:09:34
GameCube (JP) Oct 16 2005 15:45:51
Xbox (US / EU / JP) Oct 16 2005 15:49:12
GameCube (EU) Oct 20 2005 11:17:41

So what we see here is that there's about a month between the final build of the games and their release. But we also see that they were not built at the same time.

While not always the case with games, there are a handful of differences between games these builds depending on when they were built, even if they were released at the same time.

For example, the versions build on Oct 16th and later have the powerful Chaos Control Glitch patched. Making the US GameCube and PS2 versions the only ones that can perform that glitch.

The Oct 16th and later versions also have a few minor level object (layout) differences, extra objects are added as documented below.

Oct 16th Layout Changes

Stage & Type Change Layout File
Glyphic Canyon (All) Extra Killplane Collision (6) on Secret KeyDoor route stg0201/stg0201_cmn.dat
Cryptic Castle (Expert) ChaosControlStop Trigger at Chao Room / Dark route stg0300/stg0300_hrd.dat
The Doom (All) Bugfix/GUN Robot (170) sets RenderDist 7 -> 5 to prevent it falling through floor, *possibly also "Unknown" as well stg0401/stg0401_cmn.dat
Mad Matrix (Normal) Unknown stg0403/stg0403_nrm.dat
Air Fleet (All) Unknown stg0501/stg0501_cmn.dat
Air Fleet (Expert) ChaosControlStop Trigger x2 for blocked door / routes on Expert stg0501/stg0501_hrd.dat
Iron Jungle (Expert) ChaosControlStop Trigger at RailSplit / Dark upper route stg0502/stg0502_hrd.dat
Lost Impact (All) 9 Extra Objects, 7 are SolidCollision Triggers, 1 Extra GUN Beetle and GUN Soldier at Checkpoint 8 stg0504/stg0504_cmn.dat
GUN Fortress (All) Unknown stg0600/stg0600_cmn.dat
GUN Fortress (Expert) Two ChaosControlStop Triggers on upward Hero route areas stg0600/stg0600_hrd.dat
Lava Shelter (Expert) ChaosControlStop Trigger on Hero route stg0602/stg0602_hrd.dat
Final Haunt (Destructibles) Unknown. Note: Both have a Black Oak (Giant) which is abnormal for .ds1 files stg0604/stg0604_ds1.dat
Final Haunt (Expert) 4x Duplicate Black Oak (x2 on Oak # 1, x2 on Oak # 3), x3 Platform Duplicate, x3 ChaosControlStop Triggers at Dark Route Flying Sections stg0604/stg0604_hrd.dat

The most significant changes are Final Haunt (Expert), The Doom (All), and Lost Impact (All).

Final Haunt contains duplicates of objects found in the cmn layout, in the hrd (expert mode) layout. There are 4 extra Black Oaks stacked into their original object and 3 extra platforms stacked into original objects. Likely these duplicate objects were a copy/paste mistake while the ChaosControlStop Triggers were added.

The Doom lowers the render distance of the GUN Robot with LinkID 170, located right after the 6th checkpoint in the proceeding elevator room. This is a significant change as pre-Oct 16 builds of the game have to warp away with the checkpoint and back again to get this robot to spawn for the mission The Doom Dark.

Lost Impact adds extra SolidCollisions to the ceiling of some rooms, preventing out of bounds ceiling jumps via spindash jump- none of which are currently used in runs anyway. Additionally, there is an extra GUN Beetle and GUN Soldier at the 8th checkpoint.

Other stage changes consistent primarily of adding in ChaosControlStop Triggers that act as quick bugfixes. These prevent players from going the wrong way in Expert Mode while using Chaos Control. Ex: Cryptic Castle Dark route instead of Normal route while in Expert Mode.

Unknown changes mean the object counts are identical across versions, but there is a checksum difference. Likely an object was tweaked: position, rotation, object parameters (which weapon an enemy holds, how they behave, etc). Alternatively, it is possible an object was swapped out entirely for another object (ex Metal box for Wood box). These specifics are not determined, it is only known the count is the same but there is a mismatch regardless.